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TanitLab's Innovation: Unveiling Kepler AI

Embark on a journey into the visionary world of TanitLab, the startup that birthed KeplerAI...

  • Thorough Transaction Examination
  • Dynamic Real-Time Responses
  • Cutting-Edge Fraud Prevention

KeplerAI Team

Our Solution

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  • AI & Big Data Platform

  • AI Fraud Defender

  • Monitoring Consoles

  • Data Visualization

AI & Big Data Platform: Streamlining Customer Acquisition

Our AI & Big Data Platform revolutionizes customer acquisition...

  • Data Collection
  • Data Exploration
  • Machine Learning Algorithms

Automated Detection Tool: Advanced Fraud Prevention

Our Automated Detection Tool is a state-of-the-art solution in the fight against fraud...

  • Automatic Fraud Probability Calculation
  • Real-Time Alert Triggering
  • Continuous Monitoring and Adaptation

Monitoring Console: Vigilance and Control

Our Monitoring Console is an integrated solution designed for comprehensive surveillance and decisive action.

  • Surveillance and Countermeasure
  • Alert Confirmation (Labelling)
  • Decisive Decision-Making

Data Viz: Comprehensive Control and Analysis

The Module Dashboard is a centralized platform designed for a holistic view and management of system modules.

  • Integrated Module Overview
  • Advanced Analysis Tools
  • Intuitive User Interface

Main Features

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Innovations and Solutions.

Data Visualization

Interactive, Insightful, Graphical

Use Case Management

Organized, Efficient, Traceable

Transaction Investigations

Analytical, Detailed, Forensic

AI Scenario

Intelligent, Adaptive, Automated

Custom Jupyter Instance

Configurable, Interactive, Analytical

Dataset Exploration

Inquisitive, Data-Driven, Insightful

How it Works

How Kepler Works?


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Asked Questions

Welcome to KeplerAI, your advanced solution for enhancing vigilance through data exploration and harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. As you embark on your journey with Kepler, here are key insights to address frequently asked questions from our clients

  • Q.
    How does KeplerAI boost vigilance through data and AI?

    KeplerAI leverages PySpark models for real-time monitoring, employing SQL and Python queries to scrutinize transactions, enhancing vigilance in detecting internal fund transfer fraud.

  • Q.
    Can KeplerAI adapt to our unique needs and compliance standards?

    Absolutely. KeplerAI is flexible, tailoring algorithms and models to your business. Its interface, with a monitoring dashboard and customizable alerts, allows batch processing, real-time serving, and manual interventions to align with your operational preferences and compliance requirements.

  • Q.
    How does KeplerAI detect internal fund transfer fraud, and what's its deployment methodology?

    KeplerAI scrutinizes transaction details to detect suspicious internal fund transfers. The system offers a control panel for business operators to verify flagged transactions. The deployment methodology involves defining objectives, planning workshops, preparing infrastructure, and configuring KeplerAI for effective implementation.

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